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Marriage Help Program: What The Church Can Offer

The church is often seen as a safe harbor for those who are struggling with life's many ups and downs. For married couples, the ebb and flow of difficulties are not unknown, and many find themselves having difficulty navigating through their hardships. A church that offers a program specifically designed for marriage help is a wonderful way to give back to the community and strengthen the bond between spouses for an everlasting and healthy change. Here are just a few topics to consider when offering a church marriage help program

Preparation for Marriage

Though many engaged couples may have an overly romantic view of their lifetime together, the reality of marriage may bring challenges that were previously unforeseen. Offering couples who are currently engaged in premarital counseling is an excellent way to get a long-term relationship started on the right foot. Couples will be encouraged to speak over any questions or concerns they have regarding marriage and what to expect. Topics such as finances, for example, would be a fantastic way for couples to set realistic goals in what they hope to achieve financially including creating a budget and saving for retirement. On the other hand, offering advice and guidance on how to effectively pray as a couple can bring stability during difficult seasons of life they may encounter and will help form a unified bond that will stand the test of time. 

Marriage Counseling

Married couples who are experiencing hardship in their relationship can benefit greatly through counseling sessions and is a highly recommended form of resolution. Often, having an outside party listen to the couple express their issues or frustrations can help discern what the root causes of an issue may be. Though marriage counseling can be sought in many places, having a support system in the church will encourage those who are otherwise hesitant to seek outside help to find resolution in their marriage. Advice on how to handle marital troubles will come from a place that is understanding of each side while also being rooted in the couple's faith and will work to find solutions that address the issue at hand. A couple dealing with a lack of intimacy, for example, can be guided by the church to spend more time together and rekindle the spark they once had. 

Reaching Out

As marriage is a covenant between two individuals who choose to spend the rest of their lives together, so strong is the bond between the couple and the church. Whether courting, engaged, or married, a couple can find hope for their relationship through a program that is designed to bring together each individual with the shared thread of faith winding through each course of action. An excellent way to encourage struggling couples to seek out a help program is to advertise the offer of counseling through sermons and church newsletters. Personally approaching couples who may be in need of counseling can also be a welcome gesture and may just be the beginning of a healthier and happier marriage.